Who You Work With MATTERS

Over the weekend I was showing a house on the Rowan County side of Kannapolis. The house was listed by a very specific large, national firm that we are seeing more and more of these days. The house was not a great fit for my clients unfortunately, so I provided some feedback, as is common practice, letting the listing agent know that we would not be pursuing this home. 

Later that evening I received an email with what appeared to be a copy and pasted message from that same listing agent, asking for more feedback. The reason for requesting more feedback was because her company was a “large national company and they wanted insight for what buyers were looking for in that market”. 

If we’re being honest, it was probably one of the most frustrating requests for feedback I’ve ever received. I wasn’t frustrated  they were asking for a follow up, that happens every now and then, but what struck me is that this firm is not only listing in areas they do not know and understand, but they are putting it in writing that they need other local agents to advise them so that they can get a property sold. I cannot think of a better example of “who you work with matters”.

Things like this impact our market, as a whole. Understanding local markets, knowing what buyers are looking for, understanding sellers and their motivations; these are critical pieces to representing clients. This job is more than taking photos, opening doors and filling out contracts. This is a people business, not a house business. When large, national companies move in and disrupt the market in such a way and it cannot honor and respect or even understand the needs and wants of the very people that they claim to serve, it has to give us pause.

Ironically the very next day I requested a showing on a listing for another buyer. Same firm as before but a different agent. My request for the showing was denied. Again, that happens. I reached out to that listing agent ( again different agent, same firm) to find out why the showing was denied and if there was another time that we could schedule so we could accommodate the seller. At the time of me writing this blog, we are just shy of 5 days since I sent that email and I have yet to receive a reply. 

I am not suggesting that all national brands or even international real estate companies are bad. To the contrary, many are small locally owned franchises of the larger brands. They are agents that work and know the community, they are involved in the community, their children go to school here, they worship here, they show up to volunteer days. They know the market because they live in the community. 

As the market is shifting, buyers and sellers need agents that are not just patting themselves on the back for being part of the biggest firm, the fastest growing firm or the firm with the most billboards; but are instead advocates for what the client needs. 

Who you work with matters, that is why I would encourage anyone considering buying or selling to work with someone local, who knows the area and who knows the market. 

If you’re in the market to buy or sell in North Carolina, our boutique firm has a reputation for excellence with our clients. All of our Realtors are long time residents who live, work, volunteer and LOVE our area.

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